I met Alana playing beach volleyball and she is one of the most positive, cool, down-to-earth girls I know and a total blast to hang out with! We shot in Laguna Beach and had some of the most amazing gelato, strolled the shops while snapping pics, and then headed down to the ocean. Underwater shots were attempted but failed. haha. It was a great time and we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. Thanks for being an #aldiababe and for always being up for an adventure! 
xo, Alesha


Why do you love jewelry?

  • I love being able to spruce up an outfit with a piece or two of jewelry. I love an extra sparkle that turns heads and finishes the outfit. I feel naked without my favorite jewelry and love being an Aldia Babe!!! The Spike Earrings go great with my jeans and boots where the Sun Bracelet and necklace go well with all my beachy outfits.

What is your favorite piece of ALDIA jewelry?

  • Even though I loved all the jewelry, my favorite piece is the Tiny Triangle Studs because I love how they sparkle and I can wear them to work, to the beach, workout in them and never have to take them out. I love earrings that are comfortable and that you can sleep in so these Triangle Studs are perfect. Second favorite would have to be the diamond Sailboat Earrings because they fancy up all of my black dresses.

    What three words would you use to describe ALDIA jewelry?

    • Everyday, Flirty and FABULOUS!



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